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The Talaria Sting is the newest E-Dirt Bike Killer. With a giant and massive battery pack, light and nimble handling, the Sting is made to withstand long riding and provide peak performance. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This bike is sold for off-road  use only.  It is speed and power limited to comply with federal, state and local  laws. Do not bypass this restriction or modify it to go faster. The buyer takes full responsibility of the proper use of this product which may or may not conform to all applicable laws in the region it is ridden.

This MX3 is factory limited to 20-25mph. If you remove the limiter for off road use, you assume full liability and accept the risks. We do not recommend any modification.

Improved braking system

With the MX3 Talaria understands that a faster bike needs stronger brakes.  Front and rear rotors are now larger and thicker, at 220mm x 2.3mm compared to the older 203mm x 2.0mm. This provides 20% more stopping power and more effective heat dissipation. Upgraded brake pads provide extra bite and 4 levels of regenerative braking make the bike more efficient and reduces wear on the brakes.  

High Performance Battery


The 38.4Ah 60v battery, packed with top-tier LG 21700 (5000mah) cells, ensures prolonged battery life, even under extensive power demands. This signifies an 18% range boost over the Surron X battery.


Included Upgrades:

  • 220mm x 2.3mm thick rotors both front and rear (Surron is 203mm x 2mm)
  • Upgraded Brake Pads
  • 4 Piston Hydraulic Braking system
  • Improved throttl tuning for smooth and predictable response
  • Rugged motor encoder
  • Gearbox designed for longevity (oil replacements required only after 3-5k miles)
  • IPM Motor boasting 94% efficiency.
  • Thicker 3.25 inch rear tire
  • 45Ah 60v battery with LG 21700 Cells
  • Foot Peg Support Brace
  • Full wrap sticker kit (not installed)
  • Accesible connectors on the ebrake shut off for easy disconnect
  • OLED display
  • Rear Brake Rotor Guard
  • Talaria or Fast Ace fork
Additional Perks


12 Amp battery charger

On-the-go adjustable 4-stage regenerative braking.

Lightweight at 139 pounds.

Future Upgrades

All the upgrades that work on the Talaria Sting R also work on the Sting. Many of the upgrades made for the Surron X already work on this bike. 

Basic Stats

Weight 139 LBS
Range Up to 60 Miles (Depending on Riding)
Charge Time 4 Hours
Battery 60v Nominal 38.4 AH

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